Does your company do credit checks?
Our Company does not do any kind of credit checks; Applicants are approved based on the fact that they are employed and are paid by direct deposit.

What if I have bad credit, or no credit at all?
That doesn't matter to us. When the bank, credit card company, or finance company says "No" - Our Company says "Yes!"

How much money can I be approved for?

You can borrow up to a $1000 short-term loan until your next payday (based on your take home pay).

How long do I have before I have to repay the loan?
All of our short-term loans can be out for a maximum of 16 days, and the repayment date is always set on your pay date.

What types of fees are involved?
Our fees are very competitive and in fact are lower than many other on-line payday loan providers. We also instantly wire the funds to your account at no extra cost.

How long will it take for you to get the money to me?
Our Company electronically deposits the money right in to your bank account overnight - it's that easy!

I don't live in Canada or the USA, can I still apply?
Unfortunately, at this time, we only accept applicants from the United States and Canada; however, we are taking steps to provide our short-term loan service to other countries in the near future.

What can I use my payday loan for?
Use your loan for whatever purpose you wish. If you have some bills due, something you need to buy, or just want to have some fun! Your short-term loan is for you to use as you wish.